Source code for trello.label

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import with_statement, print_function, absolute_import

from trello import TrelloBase
from trello.compat import force_str

[docs]class Label(TrelloBase): """ Class representing a Trello Label. """ def __init__(self, client, label_id, name, color=""): super(Label, self).__init__() self.client = client = label_id = name self.color = color @classmethod
[docs] def from_json(cls, board, json_obj): """ Deserialize the label json object to a Label object :board: the parent board the label is on :json_obj: the label json object """ label = Label(board.client, label_id=json_obj['id'], name=json_obj['name'], color=json_obj['color']) return label
[docs] def from_json_list(cls, board, json_objs): return [cls.from_json(board, obj) for obj in json_objs]
def __repr__(self): return force_str(u'<Label %s>' %
[docs] def fetch(self): """Fetch all attributes for this label""" json_obj = self.client.fetch_json('/labels/' + = json_obj['name'] self.color = json_obj['color'] return self